How many vendors can an agent highlight on their Agent page?

Limitless, an agent can highlight as many vendors as they want.

Can vendors contribute to the membership fee?

Yes, vendors can contribute to the membership fee and can be billed directly from Client Concierge.

Is the concierge team local?

All concierges are U.S. based.

How do they know what to suggest?

Each market has an approved list to suggest from, all recommendations are researched and vetted by our concierge team. 

How does an agent share the program with their clients?

Client Concierge will provide agents with their own personalized Concierge website where their clients can find more information and submit service requests. The site is optimized for mobile and can easily be shared with your own personal domain name through social media, email or text.

How does a client make a service request?

Clients have several options to submit service requests; agent website, email or text.

What areas does Client Concierge serve?

Client Concierge is being offered in limited release in several US markets with more added every day. Simply join the waiting list to find out if we are in your area and if we are not we will be sure to connect with you when we are.

Can an account have multiple agent users? (Team Accounts)

Yes, a team can utilize one account for all agents on the team.

What would happen if someone that is not an agents’ client submits a CSR?

Client Concierge would work with the agent to decide if they would like Client Concierge to complete the request. You are notified on all requests and can terminate a request at any time as well as take over the request if you prefer.

Make Client Concierge the “secret weapon” in your winning strategy