Supercharge Your Services with Client Concierge

Innovate your customer relations and add extra value to your on-going services with Client Concierge

We’ll Work Behind the Scenes So You Can

Stand-Out Front and Center

Client Concierge is your 3rd-party provider who makes client care the 1st priority. We give your clients premier service and exclusive perks on your behalf, so you can save time while still staying top-of-mind with prospects, clients and A-list contacts.

Here’s How It Works:


Select Your Service

Sign-up online or by speaking with one of our team members

  • Set up your account
  • Create your agent profile

Select a package based on how many “Concierge Service Requests” you expect to be used each month

  • Choose the package that fits your needs
  • Don’t worry! You can upgrade or downgrade at any time

Access to your agent portal- create your agent profile

  • Add your preferred vendors
  • Get your exclusive Client Concierge Marketing Kit and Personal Website


Connect Client Concierge to Your Clients

Connect to past and current clients as well as your A-list contacts

  • Get the word out with the ClientConcierge marketing kit
  • Clients can submit requests for service through your personal concierge website

Let the Client Concierge Team work their magic!

  • The CC team will immediately swing into action to fulfill a client request
  • We promise 100% transparency, keeping you in the loop every step of the way

Nurture Referrals & Leads with great service

  • CC Team will always follow up to ensure clients needs are met
  • They’ll share any information with you that could generate more business


Track Client Interactions with the Service

Maintain A Clear View of the Whole Process

  • Log in to your agent portal to monitor Concierge Service Requests
  • Engage as needed to follow up with clients to add a personal touch

Make Client Concierge a Valuable Part of Your Strategic Team

  • Check-in with our team any time or follow-up on client requests
  • Receive a full report on each concierge service

Make Your Client Care Experience Even More Memorable

  • Follow-up with clients to get feedback and reconnect
  • Add that special touch to your service and stay top-of-mind

Our Diamond Services Team will Implement an Outreach Plan Tailored to your needs to Generate more Referrals and Satisfied Clients.


We Serve You So You Can Serve Them Even Better

Add extra value to client’s experience all while saving time and effort

Client Concierge works on your behalf to give your clients a variety of services, including:

Home &      Living

Contacts for service providers that help maintain or improve their homes including:

  • Reputable Contractors
  • Reliable Plumbers & Electricians
  • Talented Designed Teams
  • Helpful Home Maintenance Providers

…whatever they need to make a house feel like home.

Family & Community

Information on important networks in their community including:

  • Schools
  • Childcare Providers
  • Recreation Centers & Activities
  • Clubs, Churches, Community Services

…whatever they need to connect to a new community.

Exclusive & Fun Perks

Access to special benefits including:

  • Tickets to Shows & Sporting Events
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Special Deals and Discounts
  • Exclusive Access to Anything In-Demand

…whatever cool stuff they need to feel a little bit special.


Give your clients that extra care without adding any extra work


Making You Look Great is Our Top Priority
Here’s why high-performing agents love us

"For over a decade I have waited for a turn-key service like Client Concierge to stay connected and top-of-mind to my past clients by showing my genuine and continued appreciation for their business and referrals. World class service post-closing is an invaluable asset and investment—wisest way to spend my money, so I am able to invest my time focusing on providing my current buyers and sellers with the world class service they deserve from me right now."

Shelley Pies | EXP Real Estate

Give them Service that Earns You Praise and On-Going Business

Let Client Concierge be your partner in on-going client-care.
Maximize efficiency and serve your clients better with our simple user-friendly process:

Register for Client Concierge

Select from one of our subscription packages for on-going and exclusive client care to boost your brand.

Elevate Clients' Experience With Way Less Work

Let CC work on your behalf to give clients access to the services and perks they’re looking for.

Stay Relevant & Grow Your Business

Stay top-of-mind while generating leads and return business with exclusive, on-going client services.

Offer Exclusive Services Without Extra Effort

Let Client Concierge be your partner in on-going client-care.
Maximize efficiency and serve your clients better with our simple user-friendly process: